An elite concierge service ensures every detail of your party is impeccably managed from when guests leave their home or hotel until they return. As a private party planner, I create a seamless, luxurious experience that invites guests to relax and connect, blending bespoke design with high-end elegance.

An elite concierge service ensures every detail of your party is impeccably managed from when guests leave their home or hotel until they return. As a private party planner, I create a seamless, luxurious experience that invites guests to relax and connect, blending bespoke design with high-end elegance.

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A Hungarian connoisseur residing on the picturesque island of Guernsey.

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- Tobias Prestel, Prestel & Partner

"When you do an event, ANY event (if private such as a wedding, or corporate such as a client dinner or big conference) you MISS OUT if you don't have the help of Anett! We had the joy of having her help (she is wonderful and easy to work with) and we can't wait to have her input again. Our audience is used to the best the world has to offer - and Anett made them express their adoration."

"She is magic in creating a unique ambiance, individually created especially to lift your own occasion to another level."


- Margeaux & Mathew, Guernsey

"You are very positive, organised, responsive, and reliable. You have incredible attention to detail - we have no idea how you remembered everything that needed to get done - and you were very proactive in getting things done. You are very professional and we were so grateful you handled most of the communications and payments with the vendors so we didn't have to."

"We Look For Someone Who Is Willing To Provide Us With Ideas That We Would Not Think Of Ourselves."


- Mr & Mrs G, Guernsey

"We were delighted and relieved to have the benefit of your expertise, dedication and energy to help us plan and prepare for our wedding. It was amazing, and daunting, to discover just how many little things require attention in order to create the perfect day, and without your involvement we know that many of these would have been overlooked. "

"You Lifted A Great Weight Off Of Our Shoulders By Orchestrating The Behind-The-Scenes Proceedings"


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Katja and Tobias from Prestel & Partner curated an exclusive conference in Dubai for Family Offices and UHNWIs from the Middle East and beyond. With just a month to craft a captivating narrative and design concept, I drew inspiration from their signature aqua blue, a defining feature of their distinguished brand. I aimed to embody the essence of Prestel & Partner, ensuring attendees could recognise the brand's sophistication without needing to see the logo.

To bring this vision to life, I bathed the main room in serene aqua-blue uplights and incorporated custom glasses and napkins in aqua-blue colour for the luncheon. 

The event featured 17 round tables, each with meticulously arranged flower displays of varying heights to enhance visual interest and sophistication. Gold frames, coupled with a harmonious blend of white and gold flowers, created a stunning, elegant ambience, perfectly honouring the high-end nature of the conference. Strategically placed glass candle holders of varying heights added to the intimate atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all esteemed attendees.

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Explosions of glorious florals, vibrant colours, and rich textures set the stage for this exquisite wedding table. Collaborating closely with the bride, who had a distinct vision for her special day, was a delightful experience. The bride envisioned a garden party ambience with a rustic bohemian touch, blending pink, green, and white hues with natural elements like pampas and raffia placemats. I aimed for an intimate, cosy atmosphere that felt like home, ensuring their guests would feel they were entering a welcoming, familiar space rather than a traditional venue.

I meticulously played with different shades of pink and incorporated different textures to add depth and significance to the setting. Instead of traditional vases, we opted for a beautiful greenery garland running through the centre of the table, interspersed with rustic iron candleholders and sage green candles of varying heights.

To ensure harmony, the overall design of the wedding seamlessly integrated with the other decor elements, with the table as the main attraction. Most decor items were carefully shipped to Alderney, ensuring every detail was perfect for this memorable occasion.

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Planning Margeaux and Mathew’s wedding was an extraordinary journey that allowed us to create a truly bespoke experience. Their multicultural background and high-end lifestyle provided the perfect canvas to select unique items that reflected their distinct personalities. 

The event seamlessly blended an English-themed traditional black-tie affair with sophisticated South African elements, resulting in a harmonious and elegant design. I was delighted to bring these concepts to life through meticulously chosen decor and venue selections.

Gold oyster shell salt and pepper dishes adorned the tables, adding a touch of uniqueness and sophistication, while South African gold animal figurines served as distinctive guest escort cards. Handmade South African placemats warmly welcomed the bride’s family, celebrating her heritage, while white English roses symbolised the groom’s roots. As a special surprise, we arranged for a 1920 Rolls Royce to transport the bride between venues, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the day.


to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, seamlessly blending high-end & creative elegance with the inviting warmth of home.

my vision

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and have lived in Guernsey for over 7 years. My global journey has instilled a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. Studying interior design in Sydney ignited my passion for elite private party planning and concierge services.

While my fascination began with table decorations, what truly excites me is creating extraordinary experiences for distinguished clients worldwide. As a private party planner, bringing their dreams to life and witnessing their joy in a flawlessly styled venue or the heart of their homes is immensely rewarding. I am honoured to make every occasion unforgettable, blending meticulous detail with unparalleled excellence and elegance.

With a full passport in hand, and an affinity for an afternoon tea.



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"When a guest sits down there should be something beautiful and inspiring to look at."

When you and your guests are ready to depart for the party, my luxury concierge services ensure you are impeccably cared for. Combining unparalleled attention to detail with world-class service, every aspect of your private party planning is flawlessly executed. I collaborate only with the best, even if it means bringing talent and expertise from the UK or other destinations because you are worth it!

Bringing Your Dream To Live.

Following our in-depth conversations, I will immerse myself in the intricate details that will bring your vision to life. Creativity is my hallmark, allowing me to infuse each element with elegance, style, and a touch of the unexpected. I embrace innovative perspectives and disruptive ideas to ensure every detail is meaningful by seamlessly bringing world-class style to your home or chosen venue in Guernsey or anywhere in the world.

Crafting Your Story Through Design.

Creating an unforgettable event begins with understanding you and your vision. This deeply personalised process starts with exclusive meetings and intimate conversations, where we explore your desires, tastes, and the unique story you wish to tell. As a private party planner, by listening to your ideas and aspirations, I capture what makes your party special, ensuring every detail reflects your distinct style and elegance.

Get to know you & Your Vision.



- Annie Falk

How Can a Private Party Concierge Elevate Your Event?

A high-end concierge service ensures that every event aspect reflects elegance, sophistication, and your unique vision. As a private party planner, by orchestrating an event where no detail is overlooked, I create a seamless and unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests. This is more than just event planning; it’s about crafting moments of sheer luxury and unparalleled value, tailored specifically for those who seek the best.

By transforming it into an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary, private party planning ensures every detail is perfect. Imagine your guests arriving in luxurious, chauffeur-driven cars, greeted with a glass of Dom Pérignon and stepping into a venue or home adorned with captivating visual elements that enchant their senses. Every detail is meticulously managed, from the ambience and decor to the culinary delights, entertainment and fragrances. 

- Diane von Furstenberg

"In true luxury, everything has been thought through to make life easier and more pleasurable."


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